Thankful for Friends!

Do you have one, two or a handful of friends that you can call when you need advice outside of family? Someone who can be honest enough to tell you what you need to hear in a tactful way? Someone who will just listen to you vent if you feel like screaming?

I am lucky enough to say that I have a couple. A few days ago, I sent my friend a text saying that I simply needed to talk. She immediately said she would meet me the next day. She listened to me as I went on about various things that I needed to say. She gave me great advice without talking down to me or acting like she was a know it all. She was simply a good friend. She also happens to be the cosmetologist that does my hair! A girl needs one good friend that can help her re-focus and re-group. I’m glad I’ve got you, girl!

She suggested that we meet for coffee at Due South Coffee. The place was fabulous and had amazing character.


If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you saw this picture yesterday (if you don’t check us out, @greaterfitness). I received so many text messages and/or comments when my friends saw this hit my feed. They wanted to know all about this cool place. In fact, I am going again on Thursday with two of my friends. I plan on having a full review up on Friday with more pictures!

I will go ahead and tell you about the location. It is inside of an old mill that is in the town my mom lives in. Several art studios have opened up inside and this coffee shop opened up about a year ago. And sorry Starbucks, you probably wont be seeing this family anymore! The drinks are great and the prices are super good. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Have you ever tried Due South Coffee? Do you have that special friend/friends that will listen to you if you need to vent? What local coffee shops do you enjoy in your area?




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