Pregnancy Update-Week 16

I am 16 weeks+3 days today and this has not been this best week so far. Saturday (the day I reached 16 weeks) I went to the ER because Andy and I were positive I had come down with a virus and I was becoming dehydrated. I’m glad we went, because we were unfortunately correct. I spent about 5 hours in a room, getting various tests done. I was prescribed Phenergan and it has helped me sleep well and most of my nausea has subsided. We were able to hear Dawson’s heartbeat, and the doctors reassured me that he is doing great. He has really taken a liking to my left side near my hip, and it is often very uncomfortable. However, it is also a bit of a blessing because I can usually feel him several times throughout the day. 



Weight Gain: -1 pound

Cravings: Bruster’s chocolate ice cream in a waffle bowl with rainbow sprinkles, shaved ice from Sno Hut and ice from Sonic

Aversions: Meat

The Good: Hearing Dawson’s heartbeat, my skin is clearing up, not gaining weight yet!

The Bad: This virus, not being able to eat much, slowing down (I love being active and on the go)

Baby’s Size: An avocado (4 1/2 in. long and 3 1/2 oz.) according to my Baby Center app


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