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Yesterday, I stumbled upon this photo from Self Magazine. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were all abuzz over this image. One of the runners in that photo is Monika. This photo was taken while she was running a marathon and in the middle of chemotherapy for a brain tumor. She is pretty inspiring huh? Self Magazine approached her, asking if they could run her photo, and she agreed. However, she was not told that she would be featured in the “BS Meter” or mocked.

I am not going to go off on Self Magazine. I think they got plenty of heat for what they did and they did issue an apology. Instead, this post is going to focus on the positive, inspiring women that take care of their health and work hard to better themselves. These ladies embody what Monkia does, and these are the characteristics that should be featured in Self and other “women’s fitness” magazines: Class, strength, inner and outer beauty, dedication, persistence and support for fellow athletes. These ladies share with us their thoughts on running in tutus, their thoughts on Self’s article and how their lives are changing because of the sport of running. I had a lot of friends speak out on this. Be sure to read them all, maybe they will inspire you! Speaking of tutus: I am running a special on my custom-made tutus (b/c they “make you run faster”)! Through Monday, March 31st all tutus are BUY 1, GET 1 1/2 OFF! Send me an email at to place your order!

Kathryn (blog in link)

kathryn “As a dancer turned runner I found the article to be very offensive. Tutus always have and always will continue to play a role in my life. Whose place is it for somebody else to tell me what I should or shouldn’t wear while running? As long as my outfit isn’t offensive or scandalous, then why should it matter to anyone other than myself what I’m wearing?” (photo credit-marathonfoto)

Rhonda “It was for the Graffiti Run and we all did it. Guys and girls. It was fun and thats what we were out there to do. Have fun!!! I run because I enjoy it. I’m not trying to break records. I don’t know that I’ll wear one when I race alone but when us girls get together it just makes it that much more fun.”

Smitha “I havent’ run in a tutu (I am a skirt girl myself) but love the tutu runners and yay for showing our support and showing what we think of the selfish SELF mag.”

Heather (blog in link)

heather  “Remember the time the Orlando Sentinel did a story on the #runDisney Dopey runners? That huge publication doesn’t think tutus are lame, they put this picture of me on the FRONT PAGE! @selfmagazine sadly lost my respect.” #tutusrock #runnersrock #justkeepswimming #encouragerunners #selfconfidence #haveFUN

Shelley “I have wore a tutu for two races as well as a sparkle skirt for another. I see nothing wrong with showing a little flare it dont harm anyone you run with. One of my races I wore tutu and had my hair fixed with a tiara.”

Julie (blog in link)

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.40.59 AM  “On January 1, 2013, I weighed in at 306. In July, I ran my first (and only, so far) 5K at about 250 pounds. The race was the Alien Chase (I live in Roswell, NM—what can I say?) They encourage costumes for the race. My costume was R2D2. I added to tutu because I liked the look. Plus, it covered the top of my compression pants!

Meranda (blog in link) “If you run a Disney race then running in a Tutu is a must! ( not really..haha) but it certainly adds to the theme and the fun! Let us all be princess for a day ( or for at least 30 minutes)!”


 Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.44.08 AM  “Megan and I ran in tutu’s in the Disney Tinkerbell 2013. What’s better than a little bit of “fairy dust” motivating you across the finish line?!?

Kathy (blog in link)

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.47.38 AM “I have run in a tutu because basically its the best swagger out there!! Me at the Electric Run September 2013.”


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.49.09 AM  “Because life doesn’t always need to be so serious and you gotta have fun with it once in a while!
This is a picture of me and a few of my girls in 2012 getting ready to do the Ugly Sweater Run in Vegas.”

Kasey “I run in tutus, sparkly skirts, etc all the time. Why? Because it makes me happy! And running makes me happy. Sometimes I look ridiculous, but that’s a good thing! Most of us could use a reminder once in awhile to stop caring about how we look and to value more how we feel. When it comes down to it, if you feel good on the inside, it will radiate out. And then that tutu or sparkly skirt will just become a reflection of your joy. That’s how I see it.
I will be wearing a sparkly skirt on Saturday for my next full marathon, too.”

Jackie (blog in link)

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.52.35 AM  “Tutus are inspiring, no matter who you are. I occasionally wear a Sparkle Skirt but I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding a tutu to my running wardrobe! ”


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.55.27 AM  “I  wore a tutu in a Run or Dye event last year (colour run). It was a fun way for me and my girl friends to dress up for a run. I also made a tutu for my 3 year old daughter since she saw mine. She wear’s it all the time. I also plan on wearing one for a run I am doing in the fall (Tartan Twosome) which is a Pirate theme. Who wouldn’t want to dress up for a run and wear a tutu….makes the run that much better!”

Rory (blog in link) “So I am not a runner but want to chime in here. Keep on rocking the tutu’s glitter and pixi dust!! You ladies know what your awesome is and are sharing it with the world. Our girls would be much better off if more women showed their awesome instead of trying to fit into what others say is right !! Keep on keeping on rockstars!!”

Kasandra ” I have sparkly skirts and sometimes when I’m having a bad race it’ll kind of turn it around. Like I’ll stop beating myself up and just have fun. It’s a little spring in my step.”

Erica (blog in link) “I would never wear a sparkly skirt or tutu to run (I stick with black shorts or capris generally) but I say sparkle, glimmer, smile and do whatever it takes to get out there and get it done. No one who is willing to try should be shamed for what they are wearing. The only shame is in not starting! ”

Anna “I have worn a tutu once. I ran with a group of friends and we made them together. We had a blast! I don’t wear them when I am racing but for a fun race I will. I say if you want to rock it go for it!”

Jennifer (blog in link)

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.00.47 AM  “I have worn a tutu for two different awareness runs (Run For Donna 5K and March To Get Screened 5K) I loved doing it and there were so many runners doing the same to help bring more attention to two wonderful causes. I think tutus and costumes are fun and if they bring more motivation and smiles to the runners wearing them or around the wearers, all the better!”

Leave some love for these BEAUTIFUL athletes! And thank you to all of my friends and Sweat Pink Sisters who participated in today’s post! 


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    • Believe me I have PLENTY that I could say! I just don’t want to be at the level they were. Self (and others) need to see what a positive community we runners belong to! Thanks for your comment!

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