My New Running Partner

I have a confession. I’ve had a new running partner for the past month. 



That’s right, I’m pregnant!

We found out very early and I am currently 4 weeks along. It looks like my due date is September 27th, but I’ll know for sure at my upcoming appointment with the doctor. I still plan to run. I’ve been running while pregnant for the past month, and honestly they were the most enjoyable runs I’ve ever experienced. My time wasn’t the best (and I now know why), but they felt so good mentally and physically. I am currently registered for a 5K that is next Saturday and the Princess Half Marathon.

I plan to write a post once a week with little updates on our “little runner”. But, I also plan to stick to my regular postings. Now more than ever I have the desire to be in great shape. I pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy and I know that easy exercise will help. 

I am so excited about this new adventure. I am thrilled to have a little one to run along with me for the next 8 months and I ask for your thoughts and prayers as we begin this new chapter together!

Did you run while you were pregnant? What are your thoughts on exercise while pregnant?


14 thoughts on “My New Running Partner

    • Thank you, Amy! Unfortunately, I’ve had “morning sickness” in the afternoon/night every single day! But, crackers and running really help so I’ve been eating and running more than usual!

    • Thank you, Jen! That is so good to hear! My time hasn’t been that great and it has taken me a little longer to warm up. But, the feeling I get when I’ve been running is hard to put into words. It’s the best I’ve ever felt and it actually helps ease my morning sickness. I LOVE your blog and it has been so helpful when people question me running while I’m pregnant. Thank you!

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