A couple of nights ago, Andrew and I were discussing our upcoming schedule. We have a entirely different schedule this year than we did last year and it got me thinking. I started reflecting on 2013 and i look back on it as a year that I slowly became fearless. I remember being terrified at my races but then slowly I braved obstacles that any other year I would have avoided. This intensified after Andrew’s wreck. I told Andy that in 2014 I really wanted to focus on being more fearless and he suggested that we make it “our” word for 2014.

As we go into this new year we are striving to intentionally be fearless in all we do. Being fearless to us doesn’t mean being irresponsible-you wont see either of us skydiving or racing cars! Instead we hope that you see us go into each new chapter and adventure without fear or anxiety. I don’t want to be afraid of failing at school, work or my races. I want to hold my head high and embrace life!

When we both went back to college and when Andrew completely changed his career, so many people said things like, “I wish I could do that” or “I’m worried this will be too much for you”. We NEVER questioned any decision we made. Again, that isn’t a sign of immaturity, it is a sign of our faith. Faith in God, his timing and his presence. Faith in each other. Faith in ourselves and trusting our instincts.

We are able to look back on our marriage and see a major improvement since we started to tackle life without fear. We have so many friends and each of those relationships are what they are because we weren’t afraid to invest and love. There was a period where we had very few, because we were too timid or reserved. We were miserable in our careers for years until we both came up with the crazy idea to attend college at the same time. When it comes to our races, we have higher and harder goals for this year. But, I’m not afraid to try, and most importantly I’m not afraid to fail.

I encourage you to be fearless in at least one area in your life. Maybe you haven’t invested enough in a friend-call them. Maybe you want to take a photography class-do it. One of Andy’s favorite quotes about life is “Life ain’t no dress rehearsal”. We’ve learned that you don’t look back on your life and regret the things you did do. You regret the things you didn’t do. Our goal is to get things done and to do it fearlessly!

In what areas could you be fearless? What is something you would try if you knew you wouldn’t fail?


2 thoughts on “Fearless

    • Thanks for reading and for your comment! It sounds silly but I’m even trying to be fearless with my eating habits! I do not like veggies AT ALL but I am TRYING them. I completely agree that it will get us to try new things. I believe that if I fail, I fail. So what?? I’m glad I tried!

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