The Birthday Project-Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of The Birthday Project for me. I couldn’t share any details with my readers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter because it had to be kept a secret. Why? Because my sister and I hosted our mom’s surprise 50th Birthday Party! Today has to be a quick post because I have to work, and we have family in town that I want to spend time with. But, here are a few pictures from the party (my random act of kindness…)!



Mom’s reaction when she walked in to “pick me up from work”. Instead she was greeted by 40 of her friends and family members!



We served BBQ from one of our favorite restaurants.



My sister recreated these centerpieces that she found on Pinterest.




Mom’s birthday cake from Publix.







2 thoughts on “The Birthday Project-Day 2

  1. Thank you so much for your Random Act of Kindness!! You and your sister did outstanding job. It was a night I will never forget!! God blessed me when he gave me you, Katelyn and Bradley – then I was double blessed when he added Andy, Connor and Harley to my life. You all are my world!! I love you so much – Momma

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