Addition To My Bucket List

I hope all of you had a fun Halloween yesterday! We took Connor to several Fall Festival/Trunk or Treats throughout the week, and we all ate too much candy! Today is the first day of November, which is my birthday month! I will turn 27 on November 6th.

This leads me to my newest bucket list addition: The Birthday Project. I heard about this on Instagram a few months ago, then I looked up more information here. This made me really think about doing something similar for my birthday. I’ve thought about this, and prayed about it for a month or so. After tweaking it a bit, this is what I’ve come up with.

Beginning today, I will perform one random act of kindness for the first 27 days of November. 27 is to represent my age, obviously. My hope is that this project inspires me to continue to have random acts of kindness frequently, not just as a way to celebrate my birthday.

As a birthday “gift” I am asking all of my readers to perform one random act of kindness on my birthday, November 6th. If you participate in this, please email me with details of what you did and pictures if you have any. I’ll use it in a post following my birthday.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve already for different acts. I can’t wait to see how these acts of kindness surprise the recipients, and I hope they meant a lot to them. I’ll be sure to include what I did in the following days post. Pray for me as I do this. I want to fulfill this plan, and I hope it teaches me in many ways.


What I Ate (yesterday):

~ Breakfast~

Half a cinnamon crunch bagel w/walnut cream cheese from Panera


Leftover manicotti from last night’s dinner, with a few pieces of Halloween candy (oops!)


Chicken strips from IHOP


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