Weekend Recap

What another great weekend we had!

Friday night Andrew went to a concert with one of his friends to celebrate his birthday. I went to dinner with one of my friends, and we stayed up late making scrapbooks.

Saturday morning Andrew ran his first half marathon. It was a great experience for him, and he will have a recap up soon. We went to lunch with our son, my mom, and my sister afterward to celebrate. Then I went home long enough to make an adjustment on a tutu for a little girls Halloween costume, and quickly got ready for work. Our church held our annual Fall Festival that night. It was a major success, and we had a blast.

Sunday morning I went to work at church, while Andrew and Connor stayed home. Andrew rested his legs, and also stayed home to meet me dad who was coming to our house to visit. When I got home I finally go to see my new baby, Stella!


I’ll explain her “name” later this week when I do my post on “her”. I’ve known since our 10 Miler in Disney that my dad was getting a bike for me for my birthday. He got a great deal on it, and he wanted me to have another hobby to add to my running. I took her for a little spin in the trainer last night while I watched Walking Dead (wasn’t it a great episode?).


I’ll have a post up soon about my new bike and my plans for her. My dad, his girlfriend, Connor, Andy and I went out to eat lunch, and then we went to The Christmas Tree Shop and A.C. Moore. Connor collects nutcrackers that we display at Christmas. He found a police officer one (he says that’s what he wants to be when he grows up) that was very cheap ($3.99) so I bought it for him. We went to A.C. Moore because I’m looking for a few scrapbook accessories. They didn’t have what I was looking for, but I found a meal planning calendar for only $2!

We went back home to get the house cleaned up a little bit. We hosted our “Life Group” (Bible Study) at our house. We meet every other Sunday night, and have themed dinners such as Mexican, cook-out, Italian, etc. This week we picked cereal so that none of us had too cook after being exhausted from Fall Festival.


I got on the trainer after group and then we called it a night. I’m looking forward to a week in which Andrew doesn’t have any night classes. We FINALLY have a menu with all of our dinners already planned. We are taking Connor to a few Fall Festival/Trunk-or-Treats this week, and have friends coming over for dinner with their children Friday. Other than that we don’t have many plans with the exception of work, school, Girls on the Run, and time at the gym. I’m thankful for a slower week.

Taking pictures of my meals this weekend was a failure. Sometimes, I didn’t have my phone with me. Another time I had sticky fingers from a delicious funnel cake (@ the Fall Festival), and didn’t want to get my phone out of my pocket. But, I’m back to it so expect to see “What I Ate (yesterday)” in tomorrow’s post.

What did you do this weekend? Do you go to Fall Festivals/Trick-or-Treats this time of year? Do you have a road bike? What training plan did you follow?


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