Something New & A Favor

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

I’ve decided to try something new, a “mini-goal” for myself that involves the help of this blog. I am 4 months away from completing my dream, the Princess Half Marathon, and I need help. My eating habits have really gone downhill, and I’ve got to take control now. So, I had an idea to help me with my accountability. From now until the week of the half marathon I am going to post what I ate the day before at the bottom of each post. Some days will certainly be better than others. My hope is that sharing what I eat might make me more aware of what I fuel my body with. Maybe I’ll share a few recipes as well!

I am not a nutritionist. I do not eat a lot of vegetables. I do not eat seafood. I love anything chocolate. I am southern, and like my chicken fried. I am learning. I am trying new recipes. I am finding out who I am. We are all different, and require different foods to fuel us properly. Please do not expect the same fitness results that I may or may not achieve.

Please do not eat junk just because I do (like I did today). Likewise, don’t under eat just because I have a hectic day, and like a dummy skip breakfast. I am using this as a learning tool, and maybe I’ll see how limited my tastebuds are, and I’ll try something new. I hope this new addition doesn’t bore you too much. I just really feel like I need the accountability, and a food journal just doesn’t do it for me. I need to see what I eat.

So, what’s the favor that I’m asking? Please submit one of your favorite fall recipes. You can do this in the comments section, via e-mail (, or Facebook/Twitter (@greaterfitness). I’m really struggling with finding new recipes for this time of year. I feel like everything I cook in the fall tastes the same. Feel free to submit desserts as well. I’ll need something to bake for the holidays, and my co-workers would love to be taste-testers!

My first “What I Ate” entry is horrible, but it is partly why I decided to take on this challenge. Here goes:



I had every intention of stopping by Panera on the way to work Monday morning. Well, at 7:30 Andrew woke up, realizing that our 6:45 alarm didn’t go off! That sent us into a panic mode because on Mondays we have to leave by 7:15 to get everyone to school, and work on time. Both Connor and Andy were late for school, and I was late for work. No time for Panera for me.



I know, I know! My food choices went from bad to worse! At work we are preparing for our Fall Festival that is this Saturday night. Several co-workers, volunteers, and myself filled 600 treat bags with candy, and I could not resist the temptation. I had a few pieces. I tried so hard, but I was sitting in a the middle of thousands of pieces of my weakness: chocolate. I had at least 5 pieces. I’m telling myself that I can’t have anymore candy until Halloween, we’ll see!



I stopped by Firehouse Subs for lunch. I ordered a ham, cheddar cheese, and bacon sub on wheat bread. It was delicious. I made it a combo, and got a huge water, and my favorite chips, Baked Lays BBQ.



I had Girls on the Run practice today. My Co-Coach made trail mix for their snack, and I had a little bit. It was made up of cereal squares, pretzels, dark chocolate, white chocolate (the orange pieces), marshmallows, and pumpkin candies.



We had ground beef in the fridge that I needed to cook, and Andy was in class so I made Sloppy Joe’s since they are quick. Are Sloppy Joe’s a southern thing? I’ve never heard anyone actually call it Manwich before. Anyway, I used Hawaiian bread sandwich buns, and they were great. However, red meat has been hurting my stomach lately so the meat didn’t settle well with me. I’m going to try to avoid red meat for the next week, and see how I do the next time I try it. I also had a banana, and chocolate milk to go with it.

Overall, my food choices were absolutely terrible yesterday. I am trying to learn from that, and make better choices today. Wish me luck!

Do you keep a food journal? Have you submitted your favorite fall recipe?


5 thoughts on “Something New & A Favor

  1. Crock Pot Vegetable Soup
    14.5 oz can of whole tomatoes*
    28 oz can of whole tomatoes*
    *liquify in blender
    29 oz can of mixed vegetables of your choosing**
    8 1/4 oz can of whole kernel corn**
    8 1/2 oz can of lima beans**
    8 1/2 ox can of peas and carrots**
    ** drain off most of the water
    1/4 cup of chopped onions
    4 Wyler beef bouillon cubes
    1 tablespoon of margarine
    salt and pepper to taste
    1 small can tomato juice
    1 tablespoon sugar

    Cook in crock pot on high for 3 hours, then cook on low until desired thickness.
    It makes alot, you’ll have enough left over to freeze. Enjoy.

    • Thank you! I’ve been looking for a Vegetable Soup recipe-I need a way to sneak in those veggies that I normally wont eat. Plus, I know if a recipe came from Granna then it has to be DELISH!

  2. I try to keep a food journal on my phone. I find that if I write it before I eat it, I stick to my plan and make better choices overall. Of course, stuff happens, usually when I need to go grocery shopping:) But hey, no one is perfect.

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