What A Weekend!

We were blessed with an amazing weekend! We were busy but we also made time to relax-it was perfect for Andrew’s birthday.

On Friday we had our two nephews (ages 5 and 1) over for the day. We took them along with our 6-year-old son Connor to breakfast at IHOP. It was a lot of fun to have three little boys to spend the day with. They were all well-behaved, and it really made Andrew and I grateful that our son has so many cousins to grow up with. When Andrew’s brother (they are identical twins) and his wife came to pick up their boys, they told us some exciting news: They found out the gender of their newest child and it is a little girl! We are so excited for them, and I look forward to seeing their sons interact with a new sister! I went to the craft store almost immediately, and bought beautiful baby pink tulle to make her a tutu-it is so precious!

We visited Andrew’s Papa with the boys before they were picked up, and I made a “ghost” tutu for a precious little girl from church to wear for Halloween. Later that night we dropped Connor off at my mom’s house so that Andrew and I could go on a date. We decided to first grab a bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday. We split at pasta dish and the salad bar (the only restaurant salad that I’ll eat). We were running a 5K the next morning so we thought this was a good pre-race meal. After dinner it was time for our date. As part of his birthday present I booked a class for us at Uptown Art. I’m pretty crafty but I am not a painter at all! I’ll post a recap of the date this week but for now here is a picture:


When we class let out we picked up Connor, went home, laid out our running gear, and Andrew had to study. We didn’t get to bed until midnight, not a great idea since we had a 5K at 9 a.m.!

We woke up Saturday morning at 6:30. Connor was up coughing most of the night so neither of us got much sleep. I even told Andrew that we did not have to run the race, and that the money we paid was going to a good cause regardless if we ran or not. He didn’t want to waste the money so we finally got up and got ready. We dropped Connor off at Andrew’s parent’s house and then we made the short drive to the race. Again, I will have a recap of this posted this week but here is a picture for now:


After the race we picked up Connor, and picked up a few things for Andrew’s birthday party. We were having a few friends over to watch the Clemson/FSU game. We picked up the ingredients to make Chicken Chili (I’ll post the recipe soon), and we picked up Andrew’s Batman birthday cake too.



Clemson played a terrible game, but we had a great time celebrating Andrew’s 29th birthday with friends and family. The “big gift” I have for Andy will not be ready until next Monday so I’ll share with you all what it is on that day. The game ended very late, and again it was after midnight before we went to bed.

Again Connor was up coughing that night. We gave him medicine but the only way to get him to be able to relax and sleep was to put him in the bed with me, and Andrew slept on the couch. Our bed is way too small for the three of us, poor Andy! I woke up for work around 7. Connor and Andy stayed home so that they could rest from the night before. I think extra sleep made Connor feel better.

For those of you who don’t know, I work at our church as the Preschool Coordinator. We had a great service, and I got to spend some time in the baby room where I got to hold a few little ones-I love my job! When I came home we had leftover chili for lunch. I clipped coupons, and made a menu/grocery list for the next two weeks. Andrew then went for a 6 mile run with his best friend while I worked on the pink tutu for our new niece:


I took a quick nap after that. At 5:30 we went to dinner with all of Andrew’s family. Every other Sunday night we have a bible study group, and the opposite Sunday we have dinner with his mother’s side of the family. After dinner we went to the grocery store. We have literally only cooked one meal at home since we returned from Disney World, so we were out of almost everything. Thanks to my coupons and my Bilo Bonus Card our grocery bill went from $211 to $150! We purchased enough items for breakfasts, lunches (connor’s school foods too), snacks, dinners, pet food, and paper products to last us at least 2 weeks for only $75 a week. I’m usually able to get my bill down to $80 for two weeks but it has been awhile since I’ve been to the grocery store and we were out of everything! I didn’t think that was bad though! Plus we have $1.60 in fuelperks! We’re saving them for our drive to Disney World in February.


It was Connor’s bedtime when we finally got home so we quickly tucked him into bed and I put our groceries away while Andrew finished a speech for school. We watched Walking Dead and I finished a Tigger inspired tutu (picture to come soon). We called it a night soon after that.

Our weekend was busy and it might seem to hectic to some. But, for us it was great. Andrew’s birthday was a major milestone in his recovery, and we celebrated in several fun ways. We spent time with family and friends. I spent my favorite day of the week, Sunday, with wonderful friends learning about the Lord and worshiping together. We hope you all had a great weekend as well! Tell us about it! Was your weekend relaxing or were you really busy?


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