Disney’s Villains Hollywood Bash Recap (Tower of Terror 10 Miler After Party)

Before I begin my review of the party that followed runDisney’s Tower of Terror 10 Miler, I want to share some of the “official” race photos we found of us. The ones of us crossing the finish line are hilarious to me. I look exactly like I felt (like I could throw up at any moment) and Andrew looks like he could have kept running an additional 10 miles! The photos are pretty typical of us. Running is always a struggle for me, it is everything my mind wants and everything my body hates. This shows in all of my finisher photos. Andrew is the opposite. His body, mind and soul crave running and he has always been a natural athlete. Again, this shows in all of his finisher photos.

Before the race:





Finish Photo:


Back to today’s post…

We crossed the finish hand in hand. I remember a camera man kneeling on the ground taking our photo but I kept looking ahead thinking “Where are the medals?” We walked for a little bit and saw a medical tent to our left, and then we saw a large amount of volunteers ahead of us giving out our medals! They were big, heavy, shiny, they could glow in the dark, and they had an elevator on the front. They were perfect!


After receiving our medals, we were told to keep moving through the line. We were herded like cattle through what felt like a never-ending line. Volunteers and Disney staff kept telling us “You are almost at your bags.” We heard it so much that other finishers started to joke with the volunteers asking if they were lying and saying things like, “Why didn’t you tell us this was a half marathon?” We finally got to an area of tables that had refueling boxes.



I didn’t like any of it, and Andrew wasn’t in the mood for it. We grabbed a bottle of water each and a banana. At this point I was feeling really sick to my stomach. This might be TMI but we believe in honesty on our blog so you’ve been warned! Right before the start my stomach was in knots. I thought it was nerves but once we started running I knew I was wrong. I avoided the porta-potties on the course for 3 reasons: 1) They are disgusting! 2) I was afraid if I sat down I wouldn’t be able to stand up! 3) I was afraid of adding time to our pace and I was afraid we’d get swept!

I kept telling Andy that we had to find a bathroom. We had no way to get into the park without jumping over the barriers. For one, my legs wouldn’t be able to do that and for two, the volunteers would have never let us do it. So we kept walking. And walking. And walking. We should have reset Andy’s Nike + Sportswatch to track the distance. It had to be an additional 2 miles from the finish line. We eventually had a volunteer tell us, “Your bags are right here. I am serious. I am not lying to you.” It truly was that bad.

Our bags were located at the Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular. It was really awesome to go behind the scenes for this show (and all of Hollywood Studios for that matter), but the only thing on our minds was getting our bags, going to the restroom, and getting food. Once we grabbed our bag we were finally able to get out of the post-race crowd. We went into the first restaurant we saw (Backlot Express) and got a table. Before ordering I got in line for the restroom, and waited in line for 2O minutes! Thank goodness I wasn’t sick like I thought. I changed my clothes while I was in the stall, and just the comfort of new clothes made me feel a little better.

When I got back to the table Andrew went to the register to order our dinner. He ordered buffalo chicken bites, fries and a beer for himself. I had chicken tenders, fries, chocolate mousse and a Coke. Once he sat down we really just picked at our food. As hungry as I was throughout the race once the food got in front of me I couldn’t eat. All I wanted was to chug my Coke and it was delicious! I never drink soda but after this race I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it through the after party without my favorite carbonated drink, full of sugar and other horrible things.


Thankfully I didn’t experience any injuries during the race (Andrew tweaked his right foot and it’s still giving him a little bit of trouble) but I could tell that my knees were starting to tighten up. We decided to start walking around the park to help stretch our legs, and prevent cramping.

Up first was Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Andrew rode it while I sat this one out. I didn’t want to upset my stomach. Then he was off to the Tower of Terror, a ride I rode once as a child and I’ll never ride again. I hate the feeling of dropping.


We then ran in to Gaston. The line for him was too long for us, but we took at picture of him that unfortunately didn’t turn out well. We did however run into another character that we’ve never had our picture with. There is only one problem though-we still don’t know who he is!


Who is this guy? And that is KT Tape on my legs for those of you wondering. It saved my shins during and after the race!

We rode Toy Story Midway Mania and Star Tours. We also had our picture made with Darth Vader. I made a stop by Walt Disney’s busts. He is the man behind my runDisney dreams so I took a picture of him wearing my medal.



We stopped by the car at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre Restaurant. I always get a picture here when we leave Hollywood Studios. Then we took one last photo, one of my favorites:


We were the last guests out of the park, one of our traditions. We were the only passengers on our bus, which was nice. I checked Andy’s watch when we got to our room and it was 4:45 a.m.! The latest we’ve stayed at a Disney park-another check off of our list! When we got to our room we saw this:


My dad made this sign for Connor to give to us. It was super sweet of him, and a really nice surprise to greet us after a long night.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read our Tower of Terror 10 Miler Recap, our Tower of Terror Expo Review, and our Travel Day posts!


9 thoughts on “Disney’s Villains Hollywood Bash Recap (Tower of Terror 10 Miler After Party)

  1. I LOVE this review – thanks! I’ve just started running and my goal is the TOT 10 miler next year. I’m really not a runner at all, but the temptation of a Disney medal is just too much to resist!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! You are a runner if you put one foot in front of the other in my opinion! Disney medals are incredible. As far as runDisney goes, I only planned on doing the TOT 10 Miler and Princess Half. However, I saw all of the medals at the expo and I want them all! Thanks for reading!

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