New Additions to Our Family

We are the new, proud parents of…fur babies!

Earlier this month a friend of ours shared on Facebook that our local Animal Care had cats/kittens available for adoption at no cost and puppies/dogs were only $25. She and her daughters shared pictures on Facebook and Instagram of their newly adopted kittens, and I somehow talked Andrew into taking a visit to the shelter with me.

It turns out that there was a case of canine influenza a few weeks before, and many of the animals were placed under quarantine. When the shelter opened back up, they offered special pricing to create space for new animals coming in. Andrew went there with the intention of possibly getting Connor a kitten. Connor found a stray cat about a month ago who he fell in love with. It turns out the “stray” was just a neighborhood cat who likes to spend her time roaming the neighborhood. She left our house a few days after we found her, and we haven’t seen her since. Connor was heartbroken.

I, however, had other plans. I did want to try to find the perfect kitten for Connor, but I also was secretly searching for a black lab puppy. Before Andrew’s accident he mentioned several times that he eventually would like to own a black lab. He wasn’t a fan of the smaller dogs that we had in the past and he wanted something “manly.” He did some research and found that most black labs would make a good running partner, would be protective of our family, and would be fairly easy to train. He thought that maybe in a few years we would find the right one.

After Andy’s accident I knew I wanted to get him one. Andy doesn’t really ask for much, and he is incredibly easy to surprise. Once his recovery progressed and I knew that adding a puppy wouldn’t cause him stress, I started to daydream about getting him his dog

When we went to the shelter, we first went to the cat/kitten section. The entire shelter was packed. There were people everywhere. It was amazing to see that so many people were taking advantage of the special rates and were interested in adopting a pet. We saw a few cats that were cute, but none of them really stuck out to us. Then Connor found a crate full of tiny black kittens and their mom. Every kitten stuck their paws out trying to grab Connor, all but one. The tiniest one sat back in the crate and just simply looked at Connor. He asked if he could hold it because it was calm.

The volunteer took her out and Connor held her. Andy and I looked at each other and immediately knew that she was Connor’s. She was very sweet and cuddly and so, so tiny! Turns out that she was less than 2 pounds and was on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. We were able to “foster” her until she gained weight (she had to weigh at least 2 pounds to be adopted) and we had to give her medicine for about 5 days. She will “technically” be adopted tomorrow and she will legally be ours-that sounds so funny!


Connor named her Sophia, from Sofia the First. At home, Sophia sneezed off and on for the first couple of days but her antibiotic worked well and she is healthy. I am curious to see how much she weighs at the vet tomorrow. That kitty loves to eat and she is starting to get a belly. We have fallen in love with her. I WAS NOT a fan of cats before her. But, she immediately started using her litter box and she is pretty self-sufficent. She likes to cuddle but she also does some pretty funny things. She likes to sit on our shoulders like she is a bird and she retrieves her toys, like a dog. She also likes to sleep at the foot of our bed.


While the workers got Sophia’s paperwork ready I asked Andy if we could “just look” at the puppies. He said yes with a slight eye roll and a little smirk. Again, this area was packed as well. We went to one puppy area and saw a few cute little ones. Then we went to the adult section, and we saw a really sophisticated looking dog named Einstein. He looked like a schnauzer, but was pretty tall. We decided to take him for a walk, but as soon as we did we knew he wasn’t the one for us. He didn’t do anything wrong, but we just didn’t feel it. (We actually saw him get adopted later, and it made our hearts feel good!). There was one more puppy area that we walked through. Andrew and Connor were looking at a puppy when I spotted what I was looking for: One black lab puppy all by himself. I called Andy over and said “I think I found him.”

We took him into the family bonding area to play with him. He loved chasing after a tennis ball and retrieving it. I told Andy what I had been planning and asked him if this is the puppy he wanted. He was very surprised and excited that I was on board to get him. Andy decided to name him Bruce (technically, “Bruce Wayne“-get it?). When we went to adopt him, we found out that he was actually in the “Lost & Found” area. Any animal that is lost has to stay in the shelter for 10 days before being adopted. This gives the owners time to find their pet. Bruce had been found on the side of the road. We were totally bummed, but we were able to “pre-adopt” him by putting our money down for him that day.

We visited Bruce every single day after Connor got out of school, until the day we could adopt him. We think this really helped in our bonding with him. He came home completely comfortable with us, and he has been a great fit and addition to our family. He loves to cuddle with us on the couch, and he has done really well with the potty training.



Our family quickly went from 3 to 5, but it is perfect right now. Both animals are great with Connor, and he loves them very much. Bruce adores Sophia – Sophia likes Bruce every now and then! She likes to cuddle with him for a little bit, then play, and then she likes to be on her own for awhile. When Bruce is outside, Sophia likes to go into his crate-I think she secretly really does love him.


I am so glad that we got these two-they have won our hearts! I am also happy that we were able to save them from potentially being euthanized. They really haven’t been that big of an adjustment. They truly fit right in with us and our routine.

Do you have pets? Have you ever surprised a loved one with a pet?


6 thoughts on “New Additions to Our Family

    • Thank you for being the friend who told us about the special rates, Leslie! We wouldn’t have our new fur babies without you sharing the info. Hope your two new kitties are doing well! Thanks for reading and for your sweet comment!

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