Foam Run Recap

On Saturday, September 14th I participated in my first “Fun Run”. The race was the “Foamtastic” Run and was held at Heritage Park-about 20 minutes from my house.


My son, Connor usually runs the kid races at our 5K, 8K and 10K events. However, he  has been getting bored with them and says that they are too short. I’ve been hesitant to put him in a 5K because he is only 6 and I’m afraid it might be too long for him. I decided to register the both of us for the foam run because I figured it would give him the distance he wanted (2 miles) and he would also like playing in the foam. My sister, brother, mom and two cousins decided to run with us. I made tutu skirts for all of the ladies to wear and they turned out to be pretty cute!


From left to right is my mom, my cousin Haley, my cousin Pam, my sister Katelyn and myself. If you are interested in purchasing any of these tutus they are on sale for $15 with 100% of sales going to Girls on the Run. Please email me at if you would like one of these or another custom tutu.

The race started at 7 and we got there about an hour before. Runners could choose if they wanted to be timed or not. We all opted to run for fun because we would be with Connor so we were given arm bands instead of bibs. The line for bibs and arm bands was incredibly long and we didn’t line up to start running until about 7:15.



It was pretty tight at the beginning, the race drew a pretty decent crowd. The course zig-zagged quite a bit so eventually it became less crowded. At first Connor was a bit slow and enjoyed being with everyone and playing in the foam.


He stayed with my sister for a little bit while I ran on my own for a short while. I hadn’t ran a race in weeks and it felt great. It didn’t take me long to remember that this was just for fun and to not push myself. I went back to Connor and he wanted to take off and run.


Pam and I stayed with Haley and Connor while my mom and Katelyn stayed with my brother, Bradley. Connor and Haley would stay with us for a minute, sprint for a bit, then walk for a minute. This was pretty much their rhythm throughout the race. The course was a little confusing at the start and the director had to direct the flow of runners. A turn was poorly marked but they fixed it after the first lap (we had to run 3). Another slight complaint I have is that Heritage Park hosted a color run a week or two before the foam run. Some of the color was still on the ground and my shoes was a mix of colors. A few kids picked up the colored dirt and threw it at each other too. Some of the kids would just play in the foam instead of running and that caused a few issues. I made sure to walk in the foam instead of running because some kids were so tiny you couldn’t see them under the foam-my son was one of them.


I was really proud of Connor. He ran or walked the entire time and never complained. We participated in a Runners for Boston event in April and it covered 2.62 miles. Connor spent most of those miles on mine or Andrew’s back. We strongly feel like running is Connor’s sport and I have changed my mind about him running a 5K. I have found a Halloween themed one that I’m thinking about letting him do next month.

As we got close to the finish line, Pam went back to my mom and my siblings and I stayed with Haley and Connor. Andrew got 2 great pictures of Connor and I crossing the finish.


Connor approached the finish line with his arms in the air so I decided that I would to.


The rest of our group wasn’t far behind us.


We hung around for about an hour after the race. The kids played in the foam for awhile and they both got some prizes. I met a lady who is running the Tower of Terror 10-Miler so we chatted for a bit.



The event was cute and I actually had a lot of fun running with Connor and my family. It was really different for me. I’ve been running races since January and they have all been in a competitive nature (except for the Boston run, we walked almost all of it). It did take me a minute to shake the feeling of wanting to push myself and thankfully I did. I’ve never smiled so much during a race. I really want to run with Connor again soon. That was the highlight of the night.

However, I don’t think I would run this exact foam run again. I would let Connor and I actually think he is capable of running this again on his own. The path was very rocky and I had to be very careful not to roll my ankles. I had to be aware of my foot placement way too often. Maybe it was because I have a big race in two weeks and I was trying to avoid an injury. I’m thinking that maybe if I didn’t have a race so close to this one I might not have been so careful. I think I might have limited Connor too much too because I would sometimes ask him to slow down because I wanted him in my eyesight. If this race comes back next year I will definitely let him run it on his own or with Haley. I would love to be a spectator and see how my baby can do without me.

Overall, this was a fun race. It was nice to take a break from a competitive race. Afterward I wasn’t tired, didn’t need water and could have kept on going. I’ve never been able to say that after a race! If you have never ran in a Foam Run I suggest doing it at least once. I especially encourage you to let your kids do it. All of the children there seemed to love it, except for my brother. He is in 7th grade and I think he was a little “too cool” for it. Or he might have been embarrassed to be surrounded by adults in tutus!


Have you ever run in a Foam Run? What is your favorite type of “Fun Run”?


2 thoughts on “Foam Run Recap

  1. The foam run was really fun! I would recommend an entire family running it together. I am not a runner, but I actually had a great time!

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