August Goals Recap

It’s time to recap my August goals and see how I did!

*-Spend more time with just Connor and Andrew-* (9.5/10)

The three of us spent great, quality time together last month and made many memories. However, I give myself a score just shy of 10 because I always want more time with my special boys.


*-Read 2 books of the Bible (and focus on my private time)-* (10+/10)

I read Proverbs, Ruth, and Titus. I especially got a lot out of Proverbs, and it really helped me during a trying time last month. I bought a new devotion as well and used that during my private time. I read a lot while Andrew drove us to the beach and while I was laying out. There is something really nice about reading your Bible while enjoying a day at the beach. Try it out!

*-Complete two 10K races-* (5/10)

If you follow our blog you’ll know that my first attempt didn’t go very well. However, I did finish my first 10K on Friday, August 30th. Read about both of these experiences if you haven’t already and you’ll see why I can only give myself a 5 on this.


*-Stick to the SoleMates Half Marathon Training-* (0/10)

This was a big, fat fail! I was doing good until I hurt my knees during the 8K in Pigeon Forge. I went to the next SoleMates training run, and it was horrible. I had to walk most of it due to my knees being so stiff. I haven’t gone to a single training since 😦 I started running again with Andrew in August but my goal was to run with my fellow SoleMates and I failed!

*-Eat healthy-* (5/10)

I’m being totally honest here. For the first half of the month I did ok with this goal. Then I went to two different beaches two weeks in a row and ate really bad. Then, I came home and started to eat well again. I’m actually glad summer is over because I do so much better in the fall/winter when we are home more and have more of a routine.

*-Blog more often-* (9/10)

I’m super pleased with how often I blogged in August. I would have liked to have blogged a little more, and I got better toward the end of the month, but I’m happy with it. The highlight of my blogging in August was writing a guest post for Through Heather’s Looking Glass. Heather’s blog is my favorite and she has inspired me so incredibly much! I love reading her runDisney race recaps and I can’t wait to share my own very soon!

Did you accomplish any of your goals for August? What goals were a struggle for you?


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