What Not To Ask A Runner

A pretty humorous list of The 25 Worst Things To Ask A Runner, which was put up on the Runners World, has been circulating quite a bit on the interwebz lately. I happened to run into this idea on the Running With Mickey blog. 

I figured it would be fun to take a stab at answering these questions myself…

25. Are you fast?

-Not really. But, I’m faster than I was before I became a runner.

24. Wouldn’t you rather sleep in?
-Of course! I’m not much of a morning person. However, I’ve realized that I enjoy getting my runs and workouts done in the morning that way I don’t have to do it at the end of the day.

23. Don’t you get tired?
-Not really. I usually become sore, tight, get side stitches or have shin issues when I run. I’m usually tired from a run a few hours after.

22. You run outside?
-Yes. I am not a fan of running on a treadmill. It kills my shins and knees.

21. Isn’t it too hot?
-It can be. But, I’d much rather run in the heat than the cold.

20. Isn’t it too cold?
-Yes, but I still do it. When I first started running it was January and the temps were very cold. I feel like being able to run in those conditions made it possible for me to run when the weather warmed up.


19. Isn’t it too windy?
-So far, no. It has never been too windy for me.

18. You run in the rain?
-I LOVE running in the rain. Not thunderstorms or when there is lightning. I love when the rain falls on me when I’m running. It cools me off and it is just plain fun.

17. Do you really need another pair of running shoes?
Yes. I currently wear Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 shoes. I plan on getting new ones for my birthday in November. I’d like to try out a new brand just to see what I prefer.

16. Why would you need so many running shoes?
-The miles add up quickly and they wear out fast. Plus they are pretty!

15. Running is fun?
-Yes, running is fun. It is hard. It is tough. But, it is fun.

14. Don’t you get lost?
-No, because I always run with a partner or group.

13. Do you need a ride?
-I use my feet to get me back to my house or wherever I parked the car.

12. What are you doing?
 -Sometimes my stretches might look weird and I think I look like a duck when I run. But, I’m doing more than I once did before.

11. Is running safe at your age?
-I’m 26 so I think I’m safe age wise. But, I always run with at least one other person. Safety in numbers!

10. Isn’t it unhealthy to run so much?
-I get asked this a lot by people who are pretty inactive and it makes me laugh. No, it is not unhealthy. I take time off when I’m coming off of an injury or right before a race. I’ve done my homework and running is good for you!

9. What about your knees?
-My knees never hurt until I ran my second 8K (5 miles), so when I run that distance or greater I use KT Tape or Biofreeze to help my knees.

8. So your knees do hurt?
-So far only at 5 miles or longer.

7. How do you hurt yourself running?
-Overuse and pounding the pavement.

6. What is cross training?
-The exercise I do when I’m not running. I swim, bike and lift. I also take a Yoga/Pilates class at least once a week.

5.How far is your marathon?
-All marathons are 26.2 miles. 

4. But don’t you get bored?
-Usually I don’t. I listen to my iPod and pray during all of my runs. I’m looking forward to my runDisney events because they are full of entertainment and characters. However, I’ve run several races at Furman University and I plan on only running one 5K there a year. I got very bored after running the course there more than twice.

3. Did you win?
-I have never placed or won a race. I’d love to one day place for my age group, but I have no goals of ever winning an event.

2. Why do you pay so much to run a race?
-Most of the races I enter are $25 or less. The only exceptions are runDisney’s Tower of Terror 10-Miler and runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon. They are more expensive but the race has amazing entertainment and the medals are absolutely stunning!

1. So…you like jogging? (aka one pick up line that never works)
-I’m a runner, not a jogger (even if I am slow!)


So that’s my list…. what are some silly questions you get while running or working out? 


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