Hello From Edisto

Lesley, Connor and I trekked down to South Carolina’s Low Country this week to get some very badly needed rest and relaxation.

We will be facing an EXTREMELY challenging fall coming up. I’ll be taking a full course load, with 13 credit hours by day (Anatomy and Physiology, Probability and Statistics, Psychology, and Public Speaking), and taking a month-long CNA class by night, along with hopefully working a part-time job. Lesley will be working, and since she is the preschool coordinator at our church, she’ll be particularly snowed under in the coming months (Fall Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays, etc). Image

Needless to say, before the storm of the fall comes, we need a little calm. But that doesn’t mean we wanted to be TOTALLY sedentary. We’re still down at Edisto Beach, roughly 45 minutes south of Charleston. It’s beautiful. It’s uncommercialized. It’s quiet. It is also one of the hottest places you’ll ever step foot in this time of year.


We braved the heat to get a little fun exercise in today. “Paddle boarding,” which is basically standing on a large surfboard while paddling, usually on relatively calm water, was on Lesley’s “Life List,” (aka bucket list), and we were finally able to give it a whirl today.


Just after lunchtime, we headed toward the back of Edisto Beach to Edisto Watersports & Tackle, on the Wadmalaw River, not far from its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean and South Edisto River. There, we had ourselves a blast.

You start out on your knees, and after getting acclimated to the feeling of floating on the board, you stand and begin rowing. This was both relaxing and physically challenging at the same time. Standing up on our feet wasn’t as difficult as we thought, but once you’re up, stabilizing yourself engages your core, legs, and feet, and if you’re wanting to get any kind of acceleration down the river, you have to work your arms.


ImageAfter about two hours of paddling up and down the river, we were spent, but it felt good to get some exercise in in a non-traditional way.

What are some unique ways you like to exercise?


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