August Goals

August is just days away and with it comes another month of personal goals. Usually, Andrew and I make individual lists and post those goals on the refrigerator. For August we will do the same but I’ve also decided to post mine on here. I’m hoping that I will be held more accountable if I share these goals with you all. I would love nothing more than to write an August recap at the end of the month letting you all know that i crossed every goal off of my list. Also, I’m hoping that my goals will inspire you to set goals for yourself. I’ve learned that setting big goals for myself is wonderful but I have to cross off small goals in order to achieve great success. So, what are my goals? Well, here ya go:

*-Spend more time with just Connor and Andrew-*


Since the accident, Andy and I have spent a lot of time together, but with my job, his recovery and his school we’ve found ourselves questioning where the time had gone by the end of the day. Andrew is done with his summer semester of college, doctors don’t need to see him anymore, and we are finally getting back to how life used to be. My goal each week in August is to have spent more time with these two boys than any other person. And I mean good quality time. I want us to get back to reading books together, playing in the pool, running the Swamp Rabbit (Connor is a little machine on that trail), buying produce at the Farmer’s Market, going to the movies…all of our favorite family things.

*-Read 2 books of the Bible (and focus on my private time)-*


Our Life Group is reading Ephesians and Andrew and I are reading James. I feel the need to read a book or two on my own as well. I plan to have private time with God daily. During these times I will pray, read, listen and simply talk to God. I know this time will strengthen my faith and I also know that I need this time alone with God. Any suggestions on which book I should read?

*-Complete two 10K races-*

I am registered for a 10K on August 3rd (my very first 10K!) and on August 30th. My goal for both is to finish. The results of these races will be sent to Disney to determine which corral I will start in for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler and the Princess Half Marathon. No pressure, right? I’m also thinking of throwing a 5K in there as well because it has been awhile since I’ve done one and I’d like to PR.

*-Stick to the SoleMates Half Marathon Training-*


Being a part of Girls on the Run has been an incredible experience so far. As a SoleMate I have training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. My goal for August is to not miss a single training run unless I’m running in a race or when I’m at Edisto Beach. At Edisto I’ll run on my own. On my non-run days I will bike, swim and/or lift. Another goal within this goal is to take one class a week at our YMCA.

*-Eat healthy-*


I don’t believe in dieting so don’t get the wrong idea. I want to be more mindful of what I eat in August. I definitely let this slip in June and July. Hospital food is not healthy and once we got home I got stuck in a rut. But, in August I’m back to what worked best for me and I am happier and healthier when I eat salad, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. and drink plenty of water.

*-Blog more often-*

I truly love to write and I enjoy sharing our story. I want people to learn from us and through us. Learn from our mistakes, errors and bad decisions. Pray for us while we struggle and watch our faith grow in return. Gain insight from our knowledge. Set goals for yourself because you think, “Hey, if she can do it, I can too.” I want to inspire others to love life and to set goals for themselves. I am doing things now that months ago I couldn’t do and I’ve turned to other bloggers for their guidance and wisdom. If you guys only read this blog to see what we have to say and then move on to the next website, or you simply read it out of curiosity, that is ok. I want to plant a seed in your brain. Hopefully, one day you’ll take up a new sport or activity or try something you’ve been afraid to do all because of one simple thing you read on here.

Please keep me and my goals in your prayers this upcoming month. I am grateful for our friends and family and strangers who read this blog.  Your encouragement keeps me motivated. Set some goals for yourself and tell me what I can do to help you. I’m so looking forward to next month and I’m hoping to draw a line through each of these goals by August 31st.

Tell us what goals you have for yourself!


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