Decisions, Decisions…

Our most recent 5k was only 5 days ago and we already have the itch to race again. Andrew and I were planning on taking a break from racing for the next two weekends. We wanted to focus on strength training for the Goodwill Mud Run that we are doing on April 13th. But, we’ve found two races coming up this weekend that we are equally interested in and we’ve decided to lace up our running shoes and cross another finish line Saturday morning.

However, both runs are at the same time and we can’t decide which one to do! This is where you (our wonderful friends, family, and readers) come in-which race do you want us to run?

The Clemson Easter Bunny 5k Run is held at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens and goes through part of Clemson’s campus. Participants are given “bunny ears” to wear and if a runner finds an easter egg along the course they will receive a prize at the finish line. The course is rolling.

The Easter Bunny Trail Hop 5k is held at Lake Conestee Nature Park. Neither of us have done a trail run before, so this would be new to us. Eggs containing prizes will be hidden throughout the course.


Both races have an easter egg hunt after that we look forward to taking Connor to. We  are also excited about the theme for these races, and hope the weather will give us the chance to don some new spring running attire.

So, readers, you tell us – which race should we choose? We need help!


4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…

  1. We’ve decided to run the 5K in Clemson! We’ve heard a trail race may not be a good idea since we’ve never really run a trail before, and besides, we love Clemson’s beautiful campus.

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